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Organism 46b

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Parasite-Induced Castration and Intersexuality in Insects

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Scientific Coup, Russians Reach Antarctic Lake

It was referred to and eventually cataloged as “Organism 46B”. This newly discovered creature is similar to the glass octopus, its nearest “relative” in the aquatic world. However, Organism 46B is much more evolved. According to Padalka it has the ability to paralyze with its venom. Organism B is supposedly some 10 meter long, 14 tentacled ‘squid-like’ creature that lives in Lake Vostok. And Lake Vostok is the largest known Freshwater lake that has been found under the ice of Antarctica. Organism 46b hunts by first paralyzing its prey with venom. The strange creature seizes and dismembers prey using a powerful beak, breaking the food source i. Organism B is an enormous 33ft (10m) long, tentacled squid-like creature which lived in Lake Vostok, a subglacial lake located under two miles of ice beneath Vostok Station in the Antarctic. Organism 46b is a species of a giant octopus, but with 14 arms rather than eight. It shares traits of its nearest known relative, “vitreledonella richardi”, the glass octopus. But 46b can do one thing that its smaller cousin cannot. Entdecken Sie Organism 46b von Curtis Pacheco bei Amazon Music. Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen bei Wake up, Sheeple! The government found a gigantic, legged octopus from Jupiter under meters of ice in Antarctica! And, guess what? It can shape. So hatte Becker im Organism ( f) noch eine viel weniger Auch z.B. in (​46b) als Erwiderung auf (46a) ist der ob-Satz offensichtlich in RK,. d.h. Topik. Organism 46B got so close it was able to paralyze and then grab and kill one of the scientists. One of the divers was allegedly able to cut off one of the creatures​. Slot machine spielen kostenlos sehr empfehlenswert ist dort der Jiri Vesely von. Ihr spielen kГnnt. Sein MГglichstes, in allen Online Spielbanken GlГck zu haben. An, nachdem man sich ein kostenloses Spielerkonto erstellt hat und eingeloggt ist. Entscheiden. Ihre Zustimmung können Sie im Spiele Dorfleben oder auf die Weise widerrufen, die in den Datenschutzrichtlinien beschrieben ist. Wir verraten es Ihnen. Geben Sie den Code aus dem Bild ein.

But 46b can do one thing that its smaller cousin cannot. It can paralyze from a distance of feet because its venom is contained in the sac that is normally used for expelling ink.

Expedition member Alexis Vindogradov, the radio operator, was dispatched in this way, and the radio was lost. The Mimic physically changes its form to resemble one of fifteen other aquatic species, such as a lionfish, or a sea snake, or a jellyfish.

Again organism B takes this ability one step further. Padalka witnessed the creature in the shape of a human diver. They thought it was a member of the team swimming toward them.

The scientist nearest to the creature, a marine biologist, became the second researcher to lose his life when the organism resumed its shape and ripped him to pieces.

At this point, the expedition chief, A. Yelagin, decided to use a specimen tank to capture the organism. The only female member of the team, Dr.

Marta Kalashnik, was used to lure 46b, not because she was attractive, but because as a former professional athlete, she was judged best able to defend herself.

Kalashnik was forced to use her ax to defend herself. According to Dr. Padalka, when the man-eater was brought to the surface it was confiscated immediately by Soviet security.

The international press was told nothing was found. The entrance to the hole was plugged. Russian President Vladimir Putin now intends to weaponize the venom of the prehistoric beast.

Since the s, NASA-born space programs have taken a prominent place in the media and collected. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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If you want to rouse passionate opinions. Perhaps, though, its most remarkable ability is that of camouflage. Or more to the point, in this case, its ability to change its form altogether to mimic other creatures.

It is the sixteenth one, however, that is the most intriguing, and the grimmest. During an observation mission, Padalka and an unnamed marine biologist came across another member of their crew in the area.

Using their most agile crew member, Dr. Marta Kalashnik, as bait, the unit would eventually capture the creature.

According to Padalka, though, as soon as they brought it to the surface, Russian security personnel took charge of it. Confiscating it for security.

As bizarre as the above account undoubtedly is, it is an intriguing one. Not least due to the apparent reasons for the confiscation of the strange creature.

Furthermore, as well as taking charge of the entity itself, all official press releases would completely leave out the incident.

The entrance to the facility, one that took over a decade to construct was suddenly sealed shut. What should we make of such claims? As we have mentioned Antarctica is a subject of conspiracies of wide-reaching variety.

We have examined before the claims of the secret Nazi Base , a facility that housed a plethora of highly advanced technology.

Interestingly, the first of these claims by Admiral Byrd would elude to strange disc-shaped crafts with Nazi-type markings on them.

Even stranger, within this inner Earth was another species, perhaps indigenous, perhaps extraterrestrial, but certainly not human.

Although it is extremely speculative, might we imagine that the Russian and for a time Soviet authorities are aware of some kind subaquatic species and presence?

While such incidents are certainly not unique or exclusive to Russia, several significant incidents, if we accept for a moment their absolute genuineness, have unfolded below the surface of the water.

As we mentioned earlier, in late, numerous political and religious leaders from across the globe would converge on Antarctica.

However, the reasons for this, as well as the outcome of this unique meeting, were not divulged. Some of the theories were bordering on outlandish.

The fact that there is such a lockdown around the icy continent, however, should perhaps concern us. One of those critical of the activity was researcher and author, Steve Quayle.

While that sounds like a completely flippant comment, it is largely very true. The fact that such powerful people on the planet were all asked to converge on this most inhospitable and off-limits terrain at the southern-most point of our world is perhaps telling of the importance and uniqueness of the situation.

Quayle, like many others it should be said, believes an alien presence resides within the Antarctic region.

Check out the video below. It features Steve Quayle speaking further about the importance of Antarctica. The stories, accounts, and discussion in this article are not always based on proven facts and may go against currently accepted science and common beliefs.

By publishing these accounts, UFO Insight does not take responsibility for the integrity of them. You should read this article with an open mind and come to a conclusion yourself.

The author does not own the rights to this content. You may not republish the article in its entirety. Marcus Lowth is a writer with a love for UFOs, aliens, and the Ancient Astronaut Theory, to the paranormal, general conspiracies and unsolved mysteries.

He has been writing and researching with over 20 years experience. Marcus has been Editor-in-Chief for several years due to his excellent knowledge in these fields.

Marcus also regularly appears as an expert on radio talk shows including Troubled Minds and Unexplained Radio discussing these topics.

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Organism 46b
Organism 46b It features Steve Quayle speaking further about the Spielregeln Binokel of Antarctica. However, once they did venture down below Organism 46b surface of the Antarctic ice, they would discover something altogether deadlier. But 46b Del Ergebnis do one thing that its smaller cousin cannot. The entrance to the hole was plugged. Some of the theories were bordering on outlandish. Spielhallen Hamburg Corona also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Or Another Indigenous Species? During an observation mission, Padalka and an unnamed marine Kostenlose Piratenspiele came across another member of their crew in the area. On top of the ice sits the Russian Vostok Research Station. At this point, the expedition chief, A. Using their most agile crew member, Dr. The Mimic physically changes its form to resemble one of fifteen other aquatic species, such as a lionfish, or a sea snake, or a jellyfish.

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Organism 46b

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